Our Process

Community Economic Development (CED) is a community driven process where residents identify and initiate their own opportunities to build a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community. CED recognizes that economic, environmental and social challenges are interdependent, complex and ever-changing. Within CED, local development must meet multiple bottom-lines of environmental sustainability, economic vitality, social equity, and cultural appropriateness.

Community wellbeing is the ultimate goal of economic activity, not simply profitability and production.

Most importantly, it’s for OUR community. What’s right somewhere else may not be right for us.

The CED Strategy will co-create a plan with residents for community-led development contributing to a vibrant and healthy social, economic, and environmental landscape where all residents have access to a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

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Community Economic Development Roundtable

The role of the Community Economic Development (CED) Roundtable is to provide guidance and advice from sector specific and broader community perspectives in setting the priorities and activities that will be outlined in the CED Strategy for Golden and Area.

The CED Roundtable is intended to be a steering committee, not a decision making authority. The Golden CED may ask the CED Roundtable to guide decision making on specific matters on a need be basis.

The CED Roundtable started working together in the fall of 2020 to provide feedback to the process and development of the Golden and Area CED Strategy.

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