About Us

Golden Community Coop

Who are we?

Incorporated in 2016, the Golden Community Social Services Coop focused on social sector resilience, social planning, and community development. As the Coop evolved and integrated the Community Economic Development function in late 2019, the organization shifted to the name Golden Community Coop and broadened the scope of its service offerings.


What the Coop does

The Coop supports efforts for improved quality of life for all residents. It is a resource, an ally, and a support system to individuals and groups. The Coop can help guide and add structure to community projects, making it possible to maximize resources for the benefit of all. The Coop is responsible for setting and updating community economic development strategies and implementing activities that serve to improve life in Golden for all residents.

Our Mission

The Coop is inclusive, engages and supports residents with community-led development contributing to a vibrant and healthy social, economic, and environmental landscape where all residents have access to a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

The Coop maintains a holistic vision for local development that emphasizes decision-making for the greater good of the community.

Our Vision

The Coop is a dynamic organization and deeply rooted in the community. Together we achieve sustainable wellbeing for all residents and build a community where dreams for a better future can come true.

Our Guiding Principles​

  • community wellness
  • social justice + fairness
  • transparency
  • ​information + research
  • responsiveness
  • universal coop principles